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A selection of mixed martial arts books.


Shaolin Nei Jin Qi Gong
~ Peter Fenton
Samuel Weiser
Paperback - 31 October, 1996

Home Was the Land of Morning Calm
~ K. Connie Kang
Perseus Books
Hardcover - 7 August, 1995
Japanese and Korean Cooking
Konemann UK Ltd
Paperback - November 1997
Korea, a Historical and Cultural Dictionary
~ Keith Pratt(Editor), Richard Rutt (Editor)
Curzon Press
Paperback - September 1999
Next Stop South Korea
~ Fred Martin
Heinemann Library
Paperback - May 1999
Thunder in the Morning Calm
~ Edward C. Meyers
Airlife Publishing
Hardcover - 1992
The Abacus and the Sword : The Japanese Penetration of Korea, 1895-1910 (Twentieth-Century Japan - The Emergence of a World Power, 4)
~ Peter Duus
University of California Press
Paperback - April 1998
Sumo Watching
Japan Publications Trading Co
Paperback - 1 June, 1998
Tan Gun and To Shan
~ Jhoon Rhee
Ohara Publications, Incorporated
Paperback - 12 October, 1999

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