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A selection of books from my personal collection which I can recommend.



A Book of Five Rings
~ Miyamoto Musashi, Victor Harris (Translator)

Analysis of Shaolin Chin Na
~ Yang Jwing-Ming, Paul H Crompton

Tang Soo Do
~ Kang Uk Lee, A & C Black Hardcover - 30 April, 1998

The Art of Shaolin Kung Fu
~ Wong Kiew Kit Element Books Ltd Paperback - 27 June, 1996

The Book of Twelve Winds
~ Karl Geis Paul H Crompton Paperback - 1 April, 1987

Tao of Jeet Kune Do
~ Bruce Lee Ohara Publications Paperback - March 1989

Complete Martial Artist Vol 1
~ Hee Il Cho Paul H Crompton Paperback - December 1981

Embrace Tiger and Return to Mountain
~ Chungliang Al Huang Celestial Arts Paperback - April 1988

The Making of a Martial Artist
~ K. Shim Sang Atlantic Books Hardcover - 1 January, 1980

Master Cheng's 13 Chapters on Tai Chi Chuan
~ Cheng Man-ch'ing Sweet Chi Press Paperback - 1 April, 1989

Moving Zen
~ C. W. Nicol Paul H Crompton Paperback - 1 April, 1989

Roaring Silence
~ Michael Clarke Paul H Crompton Paperback - 1 April, 1989

~ Vince Morris Samuel Weiser Paperback - 25 April, 1994

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